Sunday, 24 July 2011

Role of SEO Service Providers

Any firm who has an online presence wants to do SEO. There are N number of companies and individuals proclaiming they are SEO specialists or professionals. There are N numbers of online firms who hired these so called experts and burnt their fingers. So the question here is what should one look for in a SEO firm and what should be the approach of an SEO firm?
Everyone tends to believe that- SEO firms and their clients as well- getting ranked for some industry related keywords/phrases and some visits from the Search engines is what a SEO firm supposed/expected to do. What about other free and effective online vehicles, leads and sales?
The most surprising thing is that these SEO firms promise utilization of all these frugal vehicles when the contract is being signed. Once the campaign starts, both the parties involved are busy checking rankings on Search engine result pages. Rest is blissfully forgotten.
SEO service providers can save a lot of time, embarrassments, disputes, legal battles if they do their job as it is supposed to. To begin with, the service providers should make their clients understand that the ‘ranking’ doesn’t happen overnight. A good SEO project takes two to three months to begin showing a real impact - especially for generic keywords. That too depends on number of factors such as the age of your site, number of quality inbound links you already have and competitiveness of the keywords.
The best strategy would be to have intelligent attractive profiles and listings in reputed classifieds, marketplaces, B2B search engines, directories and other portals along with other on-site processes. Besides getting good rankings on Search engines for these listings – it happens very often – you also get leads from these vehicles. Make sure call-to-action (landing page optimization) in every important page of your website in a subtle way and easy access to detailed contact info.
Now you get the picture. SEO guys are doing only what they have already promised – make sure they do it. In return it generates awareness about the client’s company and so traffic, leads and sales. To top that, performing these activities acts as a supplement (back links) to get the actual intended ranking.
All you need to understand is, it is not practically possible to rank for each and every keyword you wish to in a short span of time and Search engines are NOT all. Drive quality traffic by following the potential customer wherever he goes on web, make use of tactics like tutorials for better exposure and ensure repeated visits by having a user friendly website.


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